Maximinus Thrax


Maximinus Thrax (Latin: Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus Augustus;[2] c. 173 – 238), also known as Maximinus I, was Roman Emperor from 235 to 238.Maximinus is described by several ancient sources, though none are contemporary except Herodian’s Roman History. Maximinus was the first emperor never to set foot in Rome.[3] He was the first of the so-called barracks emperors of the 3rd century; his rule is often considered to mark the beginning of the Crisis of the Third Century. He died at Aquileia whilst attempting to put down a Senatorial revolt.

Artist Unknown
English: Portrait of Maximinus Thrax. Marble, Roman artwork, 235–238 CE.
Français : Portrait de Maximin le Thrace. Marbre, œuvre romaine, 235-238 ap. J.-C.
Italiano: Ritratto di Massimino il Trace. Marmo, opera romana, 235-238 d.C.
Dimensions H. 77 cm (30 ¼ in.)

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