The Ghassulian Star

Original text הקטע המפורסם ביותר הוא "הכוכב מע'סול". Contribute a better translation

Original text
הקטע המפורסם ביותר הוא “הכוכב מע’סול”.
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Hypothesis was that these paintings by individuals in their homes. The paintings were not a one-off piece, paintings were covered in plaster painted white which new paintings. Were preserved sections of plaster them over twenty layers of paintings. The findings did not include a whole wall fragments but fragments composed by digging a bigger section.

The most famous part is “Star W Saul.” The star is a fresco painting on a cream-colored stucco diameter 1.84 m. The star was painted in earth colors: red, black, gray and yellow. It is a cult star. Star with eight rays. Center circle three star in it. Parts of the fresco were found fallen on the site. [2] Some argue that the painting symbolizes Sun – another deity. Between the star and the right ray structure reminiscent of paintings Chalcolithic structure. The picture includes the head with a hat and a mask, a mythological beast with wings, deer and animals dancing around the shaman. All the scenes related ritual Secretariat star and temples. Execution of the painting is very accurate, and the outer ends of the rays forming a perfect circle. [3]

Around star painted sections not join the whole picture, and they may belong to another layer of the paintings. The left of the star is an animal with wings and front part of an animal with a pair of horns, both large eyes, a long nose and long fangs and red.